Digital Furniture Backgrounds

Using stock Images or 3D Rendered Backgrounds

Shot in studio or in your facility, your images can look like they were photographed in the perfect room.

Celuch Creative is now creating and incorporating digital techniques and backgrounds into much of our furniture photogaphy. We can combine your furniture photogaphy with suitable stock images, or create an original 3D-rendered room to match your collection’s feel.

Your furniture can be shot in the studio with no set construction needed, or it can even be photographed on location in your facility. We select or create a digital background before the photoshoot so that we can match angles and lighting in order to make the scene appear very realistic. We can also create a scene later that will closely match the existing images.

Need additional pieces in a collection? Contact us before you build - it may be easier and more cost-effective to have us “create” the new pieces utilizing existing pieces in the collection.

Call us at 330.339.677 to discuss the options and possibilities!

Digital Background Samples

Interior Images (click to view larger)