Senior Portrait Pricing

At Celuch Creative, we don't offer senior "packages" as such.

Instead we set our fees in the same way we price our commercial photography. We feel this is the fairest way to cover our time as well as to give you the option to set your budget from the beginning.

As the parents of 4 past seniors, we understand the escalating costs of this time in a student's life, and want to present you with some cost-effective options to achieve outstanding senior portraiture. With a simple studio session, we can provide quality photography including some prints for under $150. If variety is what you are after, we can also present you with as many elaborate sessions as you desire.

Our session fees below are set to cover our time to take the photographs as well as to edit and post your previews online. These are our main profits. We don't rely on up-selling large print packages after the shoot to make large profits. We hope you'll notice that if you do order larger prints from us, or even larger quantities of prints, the total price of your portraits will likely be lower than the packages you find elsewhere.

Studio Session Pricing


Location Session Pricing


Session prices includes photography time, editing, archiving, posting online previews and the retouching and finishing of two images per each half-hour of shooting. (4 per hour, 8 per 2 hour session)

All fees are due at the time of each session. Additional fees and options are shown below our print pricing.

Getting the most out of your sessions
While we are happy to spend as much times as you like, at as many locations as you like, and photograph you in as many outfits as you desire, we can also advise you in ways to keep your costs down.

1. Limit outfit changes
We've found that outfit changes take an average of 15 minutes to complete, so limiting your wardrobe to a couple of nice outfits can help you maximize your time - especially for short sessions - and get more good expressions from the time spent.

2. Share time with a friend
Set up your sessions with a friend and maximize available time. With one lighting or location setup we can photograph two seniors in just a bit more time than one. Splitting a one-hour session can be very productive for both.

3. Find a great location
Some locations lend themselves to many background options very quickly. Discuss some ideas with us prior to the shoot to help find these locations.

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Print Prices

Size Price
8 Wallets $19
4x6 $19
5x7* $19
8x10* $19
8x12 $19
11 x 14* $29
11 x 14 Mounted* $41
16 x 20 Mounted* $59
16 x 24 Mounted $61
20 x 30 Mounted $99
24 x 36 Mounted $114
30 x 40 Mounted* $149
* Older, "Normal" Print Sizes. Our images are photographed at the new standard (2x3) proportions, and may crop awkwardly at these sizes.

Quantity Wallets (of same image)
16 - Wallets $25
24 - Wallets $30
48 - Wallets $35
64 - Wallets $40

Custom Large-Format Printing
Nearly unlimited print sizes and options are available. We produce prints up to 5' x 10' and stretched, gallery wrapped canvas prints up to 54" x 96" in house. Call us for details!

Additional Services and Fees

Retouch additional images (with printing) $15 each
Digital Files - Finished, retouched images
(without printing - files uploaded to our website).
Larger groups may be require more time and cost.
$35 each
Additional Time: $50 per 20 minutes
Mileage (above 20 miles) $.56/mile
Retouching of 2 images is included with each hour of photography.
Larger groups may require additional costs per person for retouching.